Angels Baseball provides youth baseball players with the most conducive atmosphere to grow their potential in the classroom, sport and life. Growth is most realized when we surround ourselves with the right people and opportunities that both opens the door to knowledge and promotes personal growth.

  • We believe in surrounding players with others that might be smarter, faster, stronger and better. This constantly creates a challenging and competitive atmosphere which actually accelerates growth.
    If you are always at the head of the class, you are probably in the wrong class.
  • We believe that players should always be challenged. This growth environment always challenges them to work harder and get better. When our daily work routines get too easy or comfortable, we shortchange ourselves and that stunts development. It is healthy, from time to time, to be in over our heads. It forces you to swim and grow your potential!
  • The Angels Curriculum is one of affirmation. It is an environment of encouragement from the coaches and players alike. The encouragement serves as oxygen to the soul and allows everyone’s spirit and self esteem to grow.
  • The Angels atmosphere is one where failure is not the enemy! It is difficult to grow and develop in an atmosphere where you are not free to fail. The best growth atmosphere rewards risk taking - mistakes are accepted as a natural part of life and learning. Failure should be viewed as a learning tool and a stepping stone to success.

The Angels curriculum is one where everyone embraces hard work and rewards personal growth. Programs that prioritize personal growth and constantly encourages one another to work harder leads to making oneself better today than they were yesterday.

Con Aquilante

Founder & Chairman

Jason Aquilante


Bill Glah

VP, Operations

Derek McNab


Louis Santos


John Dockins


David Brown


Anthony DeVito