Summer Stickball Back in MD

Only a few spots remain

Stickball is a timeless game and has been enjoyed by kids, and adults for decades. It is a game that can be played with just a handful of players; and given the physical distancing regulations in place (here in MD), it is the perfect activity for getting the kids outside and back enjoying the game of baseball. Kids, ages 8-12, can register for one (or more) of several 4 v 4 sessions using the link below. We will implement health screenings at the outset of every session and we will use the "old-time" rule of Pitcher's Poison to help adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Other measures that we will take to ensure a safe environment will be the availability of hand sanitizer; requirement of wearing face masks to and from the field; physical distancing for parents; and staggered session times to avoid large crowds. We do believe that we will be able to provide a fun experience for all even with these measure in place. Spots are limited as we can only have a limited number of kids participate, so register now! Please email us if further details are needed (

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Fall Registration Open

Youth Development Program in MD

We at Angels Baseball believe that the Fall is the best time to improve one's skillset. Kids cannot work outside in the Winter and therefore most do not take groundballs, work on throwing at an extended distance; or practice baseball situations. The Spring is mostly focused on games, and very little on Development. But, we also believe that kids should play multiple sports. So, we are offering parents the option to select only a portion of the Fall program while your child is able to fully participate in another Fall sport. The focus areas for the 2020 Program are Hitting, Positional Breakouts for Defense and Team Defense. Click on the link below to learn how we will focus on keeping kids and families safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while also providing kids with a tremendous learning environment. Registration will remain open throughout the Fall.

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Angels Challenger Club

Dare to be Great!

The plan was simple. I would start at the end of the pack and I would go out nice and easy, trying not to get caught up in the rush of excitement. I would focus on the ground, and not worry about the many runners that were starting in front of me. I would run my own race; and aim to cover about 4 to 5 miles each hour for roughly 11 hours. I wanted to finish the 50 miles in under 12 hours. I had run a 50K race two years before, and finished with a respectable time; and did so a few days after Hurricane Sandy left a few inches of rain on the course. My feet slid out from under me after each step, and I found myself wading through knee deep water at some points on the trail. So naturally I thought I could handle another 19 miles in solid conditions. Boy was I wrong...

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What People Are Saying

Before I joined the Angels Baseball program, I was a poor kid from a rough neighborhood in Philadelphia. Angels Baseball helped me earn a scholarship to Eastern University where I graduated with a bachelors degree in Education. I now have a full-time job and own a home in the Philadelphia suburbs. My dreams were realized because of the core traits of life that I learned during my time with Angels Baseball. I will be forever grateful for my time spent at the academy.

Ramon Reyes

Angels Baseball Alumni

Coach Con is one of the greatest coaches, role models, and leaders that I have had to pleasure to know. He is an amazing instructor of baseball, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. His instruction goes far beyond the game and really is about building/creating great young men who also play the game of baseball the right way. I could never thank him enough for all that he has done and continues to do for my son, team, and myself.

Bill Glah

Parent of Angels Baseball Player

Con imparts the knowledge he has gained over so many years to help everyone achieve the success they are seeking. With our boys, that knowledge and motivation he has imparted has grown beyond the baseball diamond. He has taught them the value and rewards of working hard in their school work, at home and in their community. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Con learns that he is guided by his belief of "servant leadership" helping others achieve things within themselves that they never thought were possible.

Tom Plefka

Parent of Angels Baseball Players

Con Aquilante's ability to tap into each of his player's focus, desire, and commitment to excellence both on and off the field is immeasurable. When you combine that with top notch technical instruction and a culture where players are focused as much on helping their teammates grow as they are themselves, the result is truly a special experience. Simply put, the Angels program encapsulates the VERY BEST of what sports are all about.

Colin Ditus

Youth Baseball Coach

My son joined the Angels team at the age of 11. Though, he was the youngest  amongst high-schoolers, Coach Con welcomed him and helped him not only to strengthen his baseball skills but more importantly challenged my son to be confident on the field and in the classroom. Each week, I sat at practice waiting for Con's quote of the day in order to claim it on Monday morning while encouraging my students to believe, work harder, and have fun while doing it.

Pat Nuble

Parent of Former Angels Player

Throughout the time I have spent with the Angels Baseball program, Coach A has ingrained so much knowledge into my brain in regards to baseball but in addition life skills. Coach is extremely passionate about forming young men not just athletes.

Aaron Nuble

Former Angels Player

Angels Baseball and Con Aquilante was so much more than exceptional baseball instruction. My son learned about himself and every day ideals- things that he will take with him in life to be successful. The Angels Baseball program was a blessing! 

David Brown

Parent of Former Angels Player

I want to thank coach Con Aquilante, for all that he has done for me. Being a player with the Philadelphia Angels, Coach Aquilante has helped me prepare and continue to get better. He taught me how to train, play, become a better baseball player and be the best person I could be. I have spent a lot of time with Coach A to where he feels like a second father. I have tremendous respect for him in helping me become a successful baseball player and person.

David Brown Jr

Former Angels Player