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Angels Alumni

This page is dedicated to the young men that have come through the Angels Program and are now playing at the Collegiate Level, Professional Level, or are performing service around their community that we believe should be highlighted for everyone to see.  Once an Angel, always an Angel!




John D’Agostini, founder of Invictus Leadership, and former Angel, has just published his first book, Aimless!  

Who is John D'Agostini

  • Angels Alumn
  • University of Pennsylvania Graduate
  • Division I Athlete (Football and Baseball)
  • Army Veteran
  • Sports Performance Trainer
  • Leadership Coach
  • Curriculum Development (CITRS)
  • Fortune 50 Consultant (ADP), SOAR Leadership Award
  • Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Invictus Leadership



Man up. Be tough. Handle it. Quit crying.


Society force feeds these messages on men from the locker room to the board room. Toxic masculinity would have you believe you’re not man enough. Societal messaging says that you can’t be a man at all.


Neither approach works. So why don’t more people have the guts to say this isn’t serving us?


Written by men, for men―and endorsed by professionals of all genders―Aimless breaks the code of silence to help men redefine what being a man means to them.


John “Dags” D’Agostini is a men’s excellence expert and speaker who has mentored hundreds of people from professional athletes and Olympians to high-risk students and “regular Joes.”


By sharing gritty and oftentimes all-too-relatable stories, John D’Agostini disarms traditional ideals of manhood by centering humanity, connection, and how to find purpose in life. In Aimless, he shares hard-earned life lessons from the Army to abuse, and from so-called “success” to a truly meaningful life.

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Inside this powerful and timely book, discover how:

Friendships protect your feelings, but a brotherhood protects your character, hypermasculine environments like locker rooms, the military, and fraternities can still help men level up without losing themselves, cultivating meaningful relationships is more about being authentic than becoming “Mr. Right,” and things like vulnerability in relationships and men’s emotions aren’t soft or for the weak—they’re prerequisites for courage and strength.


An antidote to “meninist” culture while still celebrating masculinity, Aimless is the perfect gift for those parenting teen boys, coaching men’s sports, and anyone wanting to have tough conversations while meeting men where they’re at.

Rediscover masculinity on your own terms and reclaim what once was Aimless.