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Lessons should be the program of choice when parents are looking for more personalized attention to their child’s skillset.  Your child may get a small amount of individual attention and personal instruction during a camp; but due to the large number of kids attending camps, sustained personal attention/instruction is difficult to obtain at camps.  Lessons, however, do come at a higher cost per hour due to the personalized attention/instruction.  But, lessons do give your child the best means of pinpointing flaws and getting the necessary drills to fix any issues.  

Open Workouts

Open Workouts (OWs) should be the program of choice for those parents that are simply looking for their child to get reps.  Youth baseball practices simply do NOT provide your child with the reps they need to build lasting habits.  OWs are focused on getting players much-needed reps in the area of Infield Work and Hitting.  Very minimal instruction will be given; but the fast-paced OWs are a great resource for providing the reps so many practices lack to provide.  The OWs come at a low hourly cost due to the minimal instruction provided.

Player Development

The Player Development programs should be the choice of any parent looking for a program that provides purposeful instruction.  These programs will ALWAYS have a stated goal: improve a player’s Exit Velocity; improve a player’s Throwing Velocity; improve a Catcher’s Pop Time and Exchange Time; and more.  The stated goals will be the target, and we will put players through various drills to help them improve their metrics.  These programs will usually last 6 weeks, with 1-2 sessions each week.  Metrics are collected at the initial session, and then final metrics collected at the final session.  In between, sessions are made up of drills that will target improvement.  Player Development Programs will be held during the Fall and Winter Months (Sept-Oct & Jan-Feb)  

Summer Camps

At various points throughout the Summer, we will offer 2-3 day programs that focus on a particular skillset.  The Summer Camps should be the program of choice for parents that are looking for a “quick hit” of significant instruction for a particular skillset.  Summer Camps will be offered for Hitting, Throwing, Catching and/or Infield play.  These will be 60-90 minute sessions over 2-3 consecutive days.  The goal is to make sure each participant understands what needs to be done to improve at that particular skill and the drills needed to perform to see improvement.