Angels Baseball


Spring Open Workouts

Are you practicing enough?

Is a question we should all be asking.  And sadly, in many cases, the answer is no.  If you’re a rec player, chances are you are playing 1-2 games each week along with one practice.  If you’re a travel ball player, you will likely be playing on Saturday and Sunday; possibly playing a mid-week game; and practicing 1-2 days each week.  If you want your child to improve, you need to get them more practice time.

The Angels Open Workouts are designed to give players (from any team and any organization) the extra practice day they desperately need.  And in most cases, the reps they are not getting.  Most team practices include very little time for defense.  Players will say they get groundballs during practice; but how many?  6?  That’s not enough.  And Catchers rarely get any work during practice.  This isn’t acceptable.  

With the Angels Open Workouts, players can participate in one or more of the following:

  • 30-minute Infield Defense Session where players will get plenty of groundball reps, which will include forehands, backhands, throwing on the run, and doubleplay feeds/turns;
  • 60-minute hitting session that will give your child PLENTY of swings off the tee and Batting Practice;
  • 30-minute Catching Session.  If there is one group that is neglected during practice, it’s the catchers.  During this session, Catchers will get quality reps in receiving, footwork, blocking, and more.

Location: Centerway Park (9551 Centerway Rd, Montgomery Village, MD)


  • Ages 13 & Up (Kids playing on 90-foot field): Sundays 3/17 – 5/19; Time: 10:00-12:00
  • Ages 9-12 (Kids playing on 60-foot field)
    • Wednesdays 4/3 – 4/24; Time: 5:00-7:00
    • Mondays 4/29 – 5/20; Time: 5:00-7:00

Open Workout Fees (Parents can register for any or all portions of a Session)

Infield Session: $10/session (First 30 minutes of session)

Hitting Session: $20/session (Middle 60 minutes of session)

Catching Session: $10/session (Final 30 minutes of session)