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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

The Angels Camps & Clinics are a great way for kids to get short, skill-focused instruction on various aspects of the game.  Angels Baseball encourages kids to play multiple sports; but understand that instruction during baseball off-season periods are needed to help the player improve and put them in a better position to succeed during the season.  We will offer sessions based on what we believe to be the most necessary content to cover as we watch and teach youth players throughout the year. 



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Gold Glove Infielder Program

This summer we will be holding two sessions each for players ages 8-12 and for players ages 13 and up.  The program is open for any player that has a desire to be a “Gold Glove” infielder.  We’re looking for players that want to be great. 

Session 1 (2 hours): During session one, instruction will center around proper footwork and glovework for various fielding positions (plays at them, to their backhand, to their forehand).  We will also place a heavy emphasis on proper infield throwing mechanics in this session.  Most of the drillwork performed during this session will be controlled so that we can focus on the proper glovework at the time of fielding and the proper execution of the footwork after fielding.  Session 1 really serves as the foundation for Session 2.

Session 2 (2 hours): During Session 2, players will put what they learned in Session 1 to the test.  Players will be asked to execute the proper glovework and footwork while going through various types of plays.  While drillwork in Session 1 will be controlled, drillwork in Session 2 will be much more dynamic, with players being asked to field and throw moving at full speed.  Players will need to execute field and throw on backhands, forehands, retreat plays, run-through plays, and routine plays. 

Again, our program welcomes players of all skill levels; but we only want the players that have the Gold Glove mindset.  These sessions will be high energy, very active, and will require players to work hard to see results.  Those players that have the Gold Glove mindset understand that this is the formula for getting to that Gold Glove Skill level.

Ages 13 & Up

Ages 9-12
  • Location: Falls Road Local Park (Potomac, MD)
  • Dates/Times
    • Sat 8/10 – 9:30-11:30
    • Sun 8/11 – 9:30 – 11:30

Can register for one or both sessions

  • Location: Ridgeview MS Field #4 (Gaithersburg, MD)
  • Dates/Times
    • Sun 7/21 – 9:30-11:30
    • Sun 7/28 – 9:30 – 11:30

Can register for one or both sessions

Youth Stickball Sessions

This summer, kids ages 8-10 will have the opportunity to learn the game the way it was learned “back in the day”, by playing stickball!

The 90-minute Youth Stickball sessions will have the players participate in a 30-minute skill session, followed by a one-hour stickball game.  The 30-minute skill session will provide the players with instruction on various skills which would include hitting, infield defense, throwing, baserunning, and more.  An agenda for each session is being provided. 

Following the 30-minute skill session, players will be broken up into two teams.  We will use tennis balls, and bats will be provided.  Players will make up their own lineups and decide where they will play on defense.  We will use ‘old -school’ rules, utilizing “ghost runners” (if needed) and pitcher’s poison.  We will also bypass the need for a catcher, and instead, use a piece of plywood with a painted strike zone. 

Coach Jason will do all of the pitching to keep a good flow to the game.  No adult coaches will be needed (OR ALLOWED!).  This is a game for the kids.  Instruction will be kept to a minimum as we want this to be about kids learning the game by playing the game.

Location: All sessions held at Ridgeview Middle School (Gaithersburg, MD)

Dates/Times: All session times for the following dates will be from 6:00-7:30

  • July 11th: Skill Session – Hitting: Keeping It Simple (Stance, Timing, Stride)
  • July 18th: Skill Session – Hitting: Proper Bat Path
  • July 25th: Skill Session – Proper Throwing Mechanics and Footwork
  • August 8th: Skill Session – Fielding Routine Groundballs
  • August 15th: Skill Session – Fielding Balls on the Run

Please direct any questions to Jason Aquilante at